The reasons for The Freedom Revolution boiled down into 10 bullets.

  1. My entire life I’ve always wanted to be part of a big, impactful movement, to make a difference in a big and important way.
  2. The Freedom Revolution is my dream job.  It just took me a long time to realize it was a job that didn’t already exist and that I had to create.
  3. The Freedom Revolution is a combination of two of my passions: marketing and political science.
  4. I’ve gotten so frustrated with politics that I rarely ever watch the news anymore.  I want to harness my frustration to make a difference instead of basking in it.
  5. Our country not perfect, but America is great, unique, and worth fighting for. Yet, most people who live here don’t realize it.
  6. I believe if we can remind people of what our nation was founded on–the unique principles that make her great–it will have a unifying and productive effect in our country in a time we could really use some unification and productivity.
  7. Even if educating Americans on our founding documents doesn’t have the effect that I hope it will, we still have to at least try and find out.
  8. It’s easy to lose something that you take for granted.  I believe that if we do not appreciate the uniqueness and greatness of our country, we are at risk of losing the qualities that make us such–including respect for our freedoms.
  9. I’ve found that most other organizations that work to educate americans about American roots and founding documents either: a) have an agenda (they quote the Founders’ works to make the case for their own opinions and to tell people how to think), or are b) too academic to reach the average busy American with a short attention span.  The Freedom Revolution aims at letting the Founders’ speak for themselves without telling people what conclusion they should come to, but letting the American public form their own opinions on the Founding and how it applies to issues of today.  The Freedom Revolution team hopes the American public will come to respect, appreciate, and revere American Founding principles.  But, the decision is left up to them.  Our mission is simply to bring them the message because they don’t have access to it now.  And we’ll bring the message of the Founding in a way that is easy to understand rather than “high-in-the-sky,” cerebral, boring.
  10. The power of marketing and media in today’s culture is undeniable.  One might say it’s more powerful than traditional education.  Like any sort of power, it can be used for good for for bad.  The Freedom Revolution harnesses the power of media and marketing for good.  There are other organizations using the influence of the legal system, education system, and more to fight to elevate American founding documents’ status in America.

If you relate to or believe in some of these reasons, visit our GET INVOLVED page for ideas on how to contribute.