Meet The Freedom Revolution Board

Bristen A. Brickles

As a child, Bristen became interested in history and government at a very early age. From the third to fifth grade, she could be found toting around and memorizing a book about the presidents in her free time. In 7th grade, she was presented with a wonderful opportunity to attend President Bill Clintons 2nd Presidential Inauguration, furthering her interest in how the government works and the history of our great country.  Her second encounter with a President was when she had the chance to meet President George W. Bush at age 15. Her passion for politics continued into her experience at Hillsdale College where Bristen was very active in different political clubs on campus. Bristen’s true love and passion for the Constitution comes from the education she received at Hillsdale College. While at Hillsdale she was a Political Science major, giving her the opportunity to take classes such as Constitutional Law and American Political Thought. In these classes, Bristen learned the importance of the founding of the United States and how the Constitution was drafted. After college, Bristen went on to work in politics for 4 years on a variety of different campaigns. In 2010, Bristen decided to make a career change and enrolled in graduate school to get her Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology at Brenau University in Gainesville, Georgia. While there, she became an adjunct instructor and had the chance to teach undergraduate courses. Currently, Bristen works as a Psychometrician for two private practice Psychologist offices in Gainesville and does contract work for child protective services. In her free time (the little that she does have) she mostly spends it traveling around the United States to see friends and family.  Additionally, when Bristen isn’t working she can be found at the lake, at the gun range, or doing something outside that is fun and active.
Bristen became involved in TFR in its very early stages of development. This is because the founder of TFR just happens to be one of Bristen’s longtime friends. Bristen and Cristina met early in their Freshman year at Hillsdale College and had many political science classes together. During their four years at Hillsdale, the challenging course work and many adventures outside the classroom that these two experienced together was enough to bond them and keep their friendship strong today. Bristen believes in the TFR message to educate people about the Constitution and their rights, not to tell them how to think. She believes that because TFR is apolitical, that this will be vital in accomplishing this goal on a large spectrum. Bristen is very excited to see all the things TFR has in store for America and is proud to be a part of the Revolution!

Kevin Gatley

For a year or two before discovering The Freedom Revolution, Kevin realized that the problem with the American political landscape was simply that voters might not fully understand what America is really supposed to be about.  He fantasized about starting his own institution or company that would work to “educate and inform the whole mass of the people” in order to combat the growing partisanship/gridlock that dominates American politics.  That’s when he stumbled upon TFR via a friend at work and recognized it was exactly what he was looking for.

He graduated from the University at Buffalo in 2006 with a degree in Business Administration / Finance.  He moved to San Diego shortly thereafter and worked in finance for a few years before following his childhood dream of joining the Navy.  He completed Officer Candidate School in 2009 and has been active ever since.  In his free time you’ll find him traveling, enjoying great literature and music, surfing, working out, writing, and lastly, just enjoying the daily sunshine of San Diego on his patio (the beach).

Kevin is passionate about the Freedom Revolution because he believes it’s our duty as Americans to continue the revolution started by our forefathers.  He hears many people his age bemoan the current state of the US government and how they feel helpless to do anything about it.  To that, he simply says, “What if our Founding Fathers had felt helpless to do anything about their situation?”.  They had much more to fear and many more reasons to stay at home and let history pass them by than we do; yet, most of us aren’t doing anything.  We DO have the power to change things, if we come together under the principles laid out in the Constitution we can make things better and America can continue to be great!

Meet Our Advisors

Patrick Maloney

Patrick Maloney is a political consultant from Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been active in politics for over a decade, working on numerous local, state, and national political campaigns. He has also worked in an official capacity for a member of Congress, members of both houses of the Ohio General Assembly, and as policy director for the Ohio Board of Regents.
Mr. Maloney is a 2007 graduate of Hillsdale College and a 2008 Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship & Political Philosophy. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in American History with a goal to teach.

Meet The Freedom Revolution Volunteers


Lindsay Horton

Lindsay is a Marketing Communications professional from Columbus, Ohio. She has recently worked in market research, branding and public relations for nonprofit organizations and classical/charter schools. Also a former high school history teacher, Lindsay is inspired by the melding of history and social media as a channel for reaching & educating Millennials and younger generations of Americans. Lindsay is a 2010 graduate of Hillsdale College and is currently completing a Masters in Communication Management from the University of Southern California.


Tina Chang

Tina is a Video Editor from Queensland, Australia. She moved to San Diego, California in 2012 to pursue an editing career in the film industry. She has since had the pleasure of editing various short films, working on set as part of a film crew, and expanded her motion graphics portfolio in her few short years of living in the USA.

Jaron Bradley

Jaron Bradley recently graduated with a B.A. in Anthropology from Kutztown University. Although introduced and trained in all four sub-fields, his primary focus and interests were with the Cultural realm. Within this program he designed, conducted, and academically presented his own Ethnographic research titled Brewing up Microculture: Local Sourcing in a Microbrewery. This ethnographic research aided the average drinker in understanding not only the brewing process, but solved some of the mystery behind microbreweries and their contemporary popularity. It demonstrated the overall brewing process as it occurred within the facility, as well as explored the sub-theme of local sourcing as it took place throughout. Through extensive qualitative and quantitative research and methods, he was able to view and understand a particular microculture that appeared to be talked about in numerous conversations.  In observing the inclusion and reason behind the ingredients and adjuncts chosen, he discovered an opportunity to comprehend the brewer’s actions via his point of view; and why he chose to make “good beer”. Throughout his collegiate career he has received multiple academic awards and recognition, as well as involved him self with numerous community service projects. He grew to understand that although academics were important, so too was community involvement and support.

Jaron recently joined the team at The Freedom Revolution as its ecommerce Store Manager, hoping to revamp the storefront, design, and overall traffic and user retention. Looking to aid anywhere he could, he stumbled across an opportunity with the organization, read it’s mission and founding history, and determined that he would happily be a part of it. He hopes to work with its CEO for as long as he can, looking forward to increasing the reach of its passion for education and reminder of shared history through an apolitical lens.

Edward Ballard

Edward is a Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy currently transitioning back to civilian life. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, he now makes his home in Chula Vista, California with his wife and son. Edward has extensive experience in management and technical systems maintenance and repair, but his true loves are behavioral sciences, politics, and writing. He earned a BA in Psychology from American Military University in 2009. Edward also dabbles in graphic design, photography, and video and music production.

Laurie Vordtriede 

Laurie is a copywriter and editor from St. Louis, Missouri.  She’s developed original content for several companies with a major presence in the global marketplace. Her writing has been used for advertising, marketing and education in print, digital and retail platforms. Laurie loves the message of The Freedom Revolution and has a passion for American history that she shares with her dad.  Laurie graduated with a BA in Journalism from Webster University in 2005. In 2012, she completed her MA in Digital Multimedia Communications at Lindenwood University.

Geoffrey Buscho

Geoffrey is a senior at San Diego State University pursuing a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management. He is an avid outdoors man with a passion for surfing, cycling, hiking, skydiving, and any adrenaline related activities. His political interest has blossomed after several political science classes in college and is fed up with the current situation that has spread across the nation. He hopes to help expand The Freedom Revolution to its full potential.

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