Before our first billboard launched in Point Loma on October 21, 2014, Cristina and a few volunteers conducted a short, informal poll in Liberty Station near the billboard’s location.  The purposes of the poll were to: 1) spread the word about TFR, 2) conduct primary research on San Diegans’ understanding of the Constitution, 3) test the impact of our billboard.  Check out our post about it here.

This month, once the billboard was no longer active, we conducted the same survey in the same neighborhood around the same time of day.  For the same purposes, and to the same number of people.

Here’s what happened.  Since our last poll (conducted before TFR’s billboard went live), there was:

  • An increased percentage of people who said rights come from Nature & Nature’s God–from 20% to 32%.
  • A decreased percentage of people who believe their rights come from the government–from 57% to 46%.
  • An increased percentage of people who recognized The Federalist Papers as a “series of news articles written in 1787 promoting the Constitution”–from 70% to 84%.  Check out the other answer choices:

Screen shot 2014-12-23 at 5.52.52 PM

  • An increased percentage of people who said there is a connection between government and human nature– from 57% to 76%.  This question is directly related to the content of our billboard.
  • An increased percentage of people who said they have certain undeniable rights– from 89% to 97%.

Our hope was that our billboard might raise awareness and understanding of the Constitution.  The survey is a way of trying to measure if the billboard was effective in doing so or not.  And, it seems like the billboard could have had an impact since a larger percentage of those polled after the billboard responded with answers close to that of the Founders.  Now, to be real, though, our volunteers were only able to capture 37 responses to the survey each time it was conducted.  So for that and other reasons, we can’t really say the survey process was comprehensive or truly scientific.  Nor can we say that we are completely sure that the survey responses are directly related to the billboard.  We CAN say that the survey process helped raise awareness of what The Freedom Revolution is doing.  It also absolutely helped us get a first-hand feel for the public’s view of the Constitution and founding documents.  So, overall, the survey project was very successful.

Not sure which survey answers are “the Founders” answers? Be sure to follow us on social media where we will break down the concepts in each of the survey questions and point you directly to the original documents explaining the Founders’ beliefs.

Feel free to check out the survey responses (below).

See all of the PRE-billboard survey results here. See all of the POST-billboard survey results here.