As promised, The Freedom Revolution is bringing you along with us on our research journey to determine how much Americans know about our Constitution.  In an earlier post, we presented some research supporting the idea that pop culture is better at educating teens than the methods used to educate teens about American heritage.  Here are some more recent findings from March 2011, when NEWSWEEK asked 1,000 U.S. citizens to take America’s official citizenship test:

  • 29 % couldn’t name the vice president.
  • 73% couldn’t correctly say why we fought the Cold War.
  • 44% were unable to define the Bill of Rights.
  • 6 % couldn’t identify Independence Day on a calendar.
  • 65% couldn’t say what happened at the Constitutional Convention
  • 88% couldn’t name an author of the Federalist Papers (one of which we named our parent organization after)

A supplementary NEWSWEEK article suggests reasons that Americans–despite our insistence on the importance and influence of the Constitution–are so ignorant of the founding document.  Some of the possible reasons include “the complexity of the U.S. political system,” income and education inequality in the U.S., and “the decentralized U.S. education system.”  We can’t say that we know of evidence supporting one of these options over the other. But, at The Freedom Revolution we believe that a good way to change this phenomena is marketing campaigns to explain the Constitution in a fun, entertaining, and down-to-earth way.  It is what we have devoted the organization to! We think that this education is important for the sake of maintaining our freedom.  Visit our FAQ page for examples of tactics that may be included in such marketing campaigns.

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