Note: TFR team was planning to execute this project in 2015, but has decided to post-pone it pending the funding and resources to make it possible. Contact us if you’d like to sponsor or partner with us to make this project possible.

As you know, The Freedom Revolution recently launched a crowd-funding campaign to help raise money for our very first pro-freedom BILLBOARD, among other things!  And now, everywhere I go I am lusting after cool billboards!  I saw a great Dos Equis one in Pacific Beach that had their “Most Interesting Man in the World” on it.  It said “His beard has been granted diplomatic immunity.”  So great.  And I love the billboard in the photo to the left (photo cred: Jason in Hollywood blog).  I am definitely a fan of The Most Interesting Man in the World.  I mean, who isn’t?  He’s the most interesting man in the world!

And all this has me wondering who The Freedom Revolution’s “Most Interesting Man in the World” equivalent could be.  And remember “The Man You Man Should Smell Like” of Old Spice?  The Freedom Revolution needs a guy like that…

What you do you think?  If The Freedom Revolution created a fictional, alluring freedom mascot, what would he look like?  How would he dress?  What would be three words to describe him?  Where would he hang out?  These are things our team is thinking about as we’re planning our first pro-freedom campaign.  We’d love to hear your thoughts.