In honor of Constitution Day, Saturday, September 17th, more than 50 people set sail in the San Diego Bay to celebrate on one of San Diego’s tall ships. The event was produced by The Freedom Revolution, a local not-for-profit organization, aimed at educating millennials about America’s uniqueness and roots outside of stodgy classrooms or partisan political agendas.  The Schooner Bill of Rights, a 136-foot sailboat fashioned in 1971 to look like an 1850’s cargo vessel, hosted the event.  Freedom and patriotism were the themes of the party, embodied in drinks, attire, games, prizes, and attitudes!

“The clothespin game and the wine were definitely the highlights of the event!” said Cristina McDonald, Founder & President of The Freedom Revolution, referencing the game dubbed “Outlaw” in which participants were asked to discuss foundational topics of our Constitution but were penalized for using “outlawed” terms from today’s polarized politics such as “Trump,” “Hillary,” “Benghazi,” or “Black Lives Matter.”  Preamble Wines, named after the introduction to the Constitution, sponsored the event and provided Rose of Syrah, Bordeaux, and Sauvignon Blanc.  McDonald continues, “It’s a challenge to try to dive into the meaning of our founding documents without letting the lens of our personal political agendas color our understanding.  But doing so can have a transformative effect on how we think about this nation in which we live.  We hope that incentivizing people to focus on the founding documents will help unify our culture. Many Americans do not have a clear understanding of the importance of our founding documents and our mission is to help change that.”   She added that as a young organization The Freedom Revolution is constantly learning more effective ways to achieve their mission of increasing gratitude for our nation and freedoms through fun, engaging, outside-the-box experiences.

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