If we say Enron, MCI WorldCom, BP, Lehman Brothers, Bernie Madoff, banking crisis, mortgage mess, fiscal cliff… where do your thoughts go?  What images do these words elicit in your mind’s eye?

– Jessica Eaves Mathews, “Wonder Women”

These narratives do not define America.  There are so many amazing stories of good and of triumph in the United States that are only possible because of the principles proclaimed in the Declaration and enshrined in the Constitution.  We’re capturing those stories on video and sharing them with the world!  The stories are those of immigrants, entrepreneurs, benefactors, average Americans.


I trust I understand, and truly estimate the right of self-government. My faith in the proposition that each man should do precisely as he pleases with all which is exclusively his own, lies at the foundation of the sense of justice there is in me.

Abraham Lincoln

Speech on the Kansas-Nebraska Act, 1854

Everywhere that, at the head of a new undertaking, you see the government in France and a great lord in England, count on it that you will perceive an association in the United States.

In America I encountered sorts of associations of which, I confess, I had no idea, and I often admired the infinite art with which the inhabitants of the United States managed to fix a common goal to the efforts of many men and to get them to advance to it freely.

Alexis De Tocqueville

Democracy In America Volume 2, Part 2, Chapter 5, 1840