Q: Where does the content for The Freedom Revolution campaigns come from?

A: Our campaigns come from:

  • 80% Themes from documents American Founders read and wrote (check out our reading list for examples).  What better way to understand America than to read what the shapers of the nation read and wrote about it?!
  • 20% TFR team creative juices

Q: How is The Freedom Revolution different from other organizations?

A: Our methodology focuses on marketing campaigns.

Our main audience is the average American.  Here’s a list (not necessarily an endorsement) of organizations that target students and teachers.  

We are apolitical and inclusive. We operate outside of classrooms.

Q: Is The Freedom Revolution liberal or conservative?

A: Neither.

Q: Can The Freedom Revolution tell me how to vote?

A: We could, but we won’t.

Q: Is it healthy to be obsessed with politics?

A: We do not think so.

Q: Is everything that the American government does good and perfect?  Or, is everything that the American government does horrible? Is everyone that works for the U.S. Government an agent of the devil?

A: None of these are true.

Q: How is The Freedom Revolution funded?

A: We earn our funding primarily through private donors and pro-bono services. Click here to donate or contact us for sponsorship information.  In addition, we sell apparel and host events. Cristina also teaches regular donation-based yoga classes benefitting The Freedom Revolution.  Visit Facebook.com/FreedomYogaSD for more info.

Q: Where can I expect to see TFR researchers and campaigns?

A: Our pilot city is San Diego.  Eventually we will go national.  Click here to help.

Q: Has anyone ever done what The Freedom Revolution does?

A: No.  But here are examples of other public-interest marketing campaigns that bring deep concepts to the public.